Women equality in society.

I always have a thought of the issue that why women are often considered inferior. I mean why? What’s the reason?

In our society, we all promote gender equality. But at one point or the the another, a thought always come in our mind that women are inferior  to men. Atleast once even you must have thought at some stage of your lie that yeah! Women are inferior. I just want to know why this thought ever comes to our mind?

Is this because women only take care of indoor chores while the family is being managed by a man? NO because I have a lot of women too working in offices and other fields. So this reason is surely ruled out. Then what’s the reason? Is it because men are powerful than women? Surely NO because there are many women actually more powerful than men. So this isn’t a reason too.

     I am gonna tell you what he reason is. The reason is that majority of women don’t fight for their rights and themselves due to which they are  considered inferior and are ill-treated. So I just want to tell all he girls and women out there that you will have to take your own stand. Nobody is going to do it for that. I want all of you to fight for yourself and have courage to ask for your rights.


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